Members pay for the year (on Sept. 1) to be a member.
Non Dorval residents must pay a higher fee to become a member. 
We are currently only accepting Dorval residents as new members. For non Dorval residents who wish to be put on our waiting list, please contact us at

Experienced potters who wish to become members of the Dorvall Potters’ Guild must apply and go through an orientation process. Orientation periods are 3 times a year – September, January, and May. Orientation costs 75$ and is  a 4 session (5 hours) process with an experienced Dorval Potters’ Guild member and includes 1 bag of recycled clay. The goal of orientation is to facilitate the new member into the workings of the Guild… it’s methods and responsibilities. After orientation, the experienced potter will be able to pay a prorated membership fee, up to Sept. 1 of that year… and then annually from then on.

Cost per year to be a member:

Resident: 75$
Non resident: 100$

Member Benefits:

  • Discounts on classes and workshops (15%)
  • Priority registration for workshops
  • Ability to sell your work in the 2 annual sales
  • Access to pugged recycled clay at a favourable price
  • Access to a small storage space within the studio ( if available)
  • Access to tools and equipment
  • Ability to take out books from the studio library
  • Access to the studio 7 days a week except when there are classes or workshops
  • Special members’ only studio time 
  • Pieces fired by a qualified technician
  • Low kiln firing fees
  • Access to premade glazes
  • Special "Show and Tell" events in pottery studio

Member Responsibilities

  • Attend any General Meetings
  • Sign in the studio log when using the studio
  • Leave the studio cleaner than you found it and report all repairs needed.
  • Help in the clay recycling process - drying batts, removing water
  • Participate in studio cleanups
  • Help out with 2 annual sales events, regardless of whether you are selling or not.
  • Attend sales meetings
  • Make sure studio is locked and secure when you are the last one leaving
  • Fees and charges must not fall in arrears
  • Commit to Lead one or more of the following Guild committees with member support

           -Event planning (Sales, Rendez-Vous)
           -Studio cleanup coordination
           -Workshop coordinating
           -Web site maintenance
           -Membership Administrator:- list, cards, form, process, monitoring involvement
           -Inventory maintenance:- Ordering clay, chemicals, tools


  • Commit to help with 2 or 3 tasks from either the list above or the following list.

            1-making glazes
            2-pugging clay
            3-cleaning & rebuilding pug mill
            4-washing aprons
            5-kiln maintenance – resurfacing shelves, making cookies, vacuuming, …
            6-demonstrations – wheel or hand building
            7-public hands on mini lessons as at Rendez-vous



Please download the following file: Responsabilities (pdf)



Students pay for the session (in advance) to be a student.
Non Dorval residents must pay a higher fee to take a class.

Students who would like to become members must be approved for membership by the eligibility committee.  They must have completed at least 2 course sessions before they can apply for membership.

Cost per session:

Resident: 200$

Non resident: 215$ (includes a 15$ city of Dorval surcharge)

The courses are paid per 10 week session at registration.

Student Benefits:

  • Instruction by a qualified teacher
  • Access to the studio outside of class time at specific scheduled times only for the duration of the course, once you have acquired your student card (given at the discretion of the teacher depending on the student’s abilities)
  • Access to the studio reference library (only members can take out books)
  • Access to tools and equipment
  • Pieces fired by a qualified teacher or technician
  • 1 bag of clay
  • Kiln and glaze fees included in course fee

Student Responsibilities:

- Must help clean up after class

- Must leave the studio cleaner than you found it when using it during free time

- Must help out with end of session clean up

- Must sign in the studio log when using the studio during free time

- Must make sure the studio is locked and secure when you are the last one leaving during free time, and must return the key to the main office


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